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11 Mar



Construction Zone Flagger Training Class

March 11, 2017 | By | 3 Comments

The construction flagger is the first person that you encounter on a roadway jobsite and is often thought of as a “kick back” job. In actuality it is one of the most important and difficult positions on the jobsite. A flagger has a vital role in helping to protect their co-workers as well as the traveling public from the dangers and hazards that are present in highway and road construction projects.

George Reed employees recently participated in classes and are now certified flaggers for the upcoming construction season. We are looking forward to another busy and successful year. We are confident that our flaggers will keep our workers safe as well as the motorists they happen to encounter. Please feel free to wave at the flaggers as you pass through our jobsites and remember that they are there for the safety everyone.


  1. I’m already a certified flagger. .however..I’d like to take the flagger course …can I sign up for next available class?

  2. Mark volsan

    Im looking to take a flagging class one that caltrans accepts im located in merced an would like to know how an where an whe
    n can i take the class.

  3. admin

    Please contact: Matt Smylie. (209) 557-3155

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