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28 Aug


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Foreman Brian James to the rescue!

August 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

Open letter to George Reed Inc:

This week as I was stuck at the Exit of Twain Harte, Ca.  The wait to proceed was over 20 minutes.  I turned off my car, and waited even longer. My car would not turn over again, and I had to back it up with no power steering 🙁 I got it partially  off the road into someone\’s driveway and feared that I would be hit by oncoming traffic.  I was ready to call AAA when along came this big white truck and a man jumped out.  Being a Senior Citizen at first I was frightened. It was your Foreman Brian James with a big smile on his face asking if I needed help.  Boy did I ever :).  Brian pulled his battery cables out of his truck and had me on my way in what seemed like seconds.  he then advised me to get to a Gas Station or repair shop. Which I did.  I asked Brian for a business card and I have emailed all of my friends in the area your email address as we are short of contractors up here with good work ethics. All I can say is what a wonderful man he was to assist me.

I can’t thank him enough, especially due to the fact that cars where going by at a fast rate to due to the repaving of 108.  I thank your company for having such a compassionate employee, who would stop to help a Senior in distress. Everybody on my email list has received your companies name and email for future contractors information.  I also posted it on Facebook to let people know there are still good  samaritans out there!

Sincerely,  Ardee J. Mucha

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